All rooms feature a private bath, WiFi, and a television with cable access.

Compare room features:

ROOM* Bed Size  Bath Additional Features  Sun - Thur Fri / Sat
Doctor's Retreat Q WPS/S SR  $185  $205
Hillsdale Room Q S   $125  $125
Banker's Suite WPD/S  SR / FP  $200 $220
Martinson Room  T/S-O   $125 $125
West Ballroom Q HBD  T/S    $159 $179
Mount Emerald Room Q T/S    $159  $179
Jacobethan Room T/S   $159 $179

 * Click room names to see a more detailed description and photos of each room.


Q -- Queen Size Bed
HBD -- Hide-a-bed couch (double size)
WPS -- Whirlpool tub (regular bathtub size)
WPD -- Whirlpool tub (large double size)
S -- Full bath w/ shower
T/S -- Full bath w/ tub / shower
T/S-O -- Full private bath w/ tub / shower located just outside of room
SR -- Private sunroom
SR / FP -- Private sunroom and working fireplace