Each morning begins with our special dark roast coffee, or a hot tea from our wide selection.

Prepare to be pampered with our made-from-scratch gourmet breakfast, which is served from 7:15 am to 9:30 am (or until 10:00 am Saturday and Sunday).

Each morning's menu includes a juice blend, a fresh fruit dish, and our hot entree of the day. Our entrees vary daily and usually alternate between savory and sweet. Please let us know in advance of any dietary concerns or food allergies.

Below are some of our sample menus:

Day 1 Day 2
  • Fresh strawberries and banana with vanilla yogurt.
  • Quiche lorraine.
  • Carrot cake muffins.
  • Fresh pineapple / kiwi / grape / banana mix.
  • Thick cut baked cinnamon / pecan french toast.
  • Country recipe link sausages.